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Dec. 7th, 2008 10:33 am
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[ profile] selenak has written West Wing-fic, which makes me happy, since she's an excellent writer and it's a fandom I like to revisit from time to time.
Words and the men: Jed and Toby, four glimpses over the years. Sad and a bit funny, as it should be.

[ profile] fernwithy offered to write ficlets based on other people's prompts last week-end, and got so many request that she'll probably be busy until January. These are my favorites so far. (Some of these makes more sense if you're familiar with her HP-ficverse. It's quite big by now, but well worth checking out.)

McGonagall and Sirius, during GoF [basks in the awesomeness of McG, and wants to hug Sirius]

Regulus/Lily II (and Harry) [So, sometime after the epilogue, Regulus returned from the actually-not-quite-dead. Just deal. I love how much Lily is her mother's daughter here.]

The trio discussing Teddy and dead parents and stuff ["Missing scene", sort of, from Fern's multi-chapter fic Teddy Lupin and the Daedalus Maze. Excellent Ron.]

More un-dead Regulus. Christmas at Grimmauld Place, again. [Fern's Reg is my favorite Reg ever.]

A Star Wars one! Little Princess Leia celebrates her birthday. [A must-read for all Leia-fen.]

Percy and his nephew Fred [Good take on an older, wiser Percy. Also good take on George, even if he doesn't appear in the story.]

Tonks giving Remus a birthday gift (during GoF) [I love those little moments when they could have been happy]

Two Sirius-centric ficlets today [Both are lovely, though I think I like the first one best.]
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Finally started to watch the West Wing season 6 disc that I borrowed from my parents in June. I've seen five episodes in two evenings so far (OK, I fast-forward a lot). It's not season 1& 2-great (sometimes you can see the writers trying so hard to get there and not really succeeding), but a lot of it is quite enjoyable, anyway.
Random comments:

* "Lucius Malfoy" standing in for the long-suffering viewers and explaining Josh-and-Donna is hilarious. They should totally cast Janel Maloney as Narcissa. She might not be British, but she is certainly pale enough.
*Leo's heart-attack is hard enough to watch as it is, knowing what happened to John Spencer makes it almost unbearable.
*Watching John Spencer, period, is almost unbearable.
*CJ becoming the new CoS makes a certain amount of sense, at least in tv-land. Having Toby filling in for her doesn't.
*For the first time in years, I want CJ and Toby to have sex. Now.
*Like half the fandom, I want to be CJ when I grow up. I've also liked/not minded all the women fandom in general don't have a problem with (Mrs Landingham, Nancy McNally, Bonnie, Ginger, Carol, Gina...does Margaret belong there? Anyway, I like her, too.). I loved Donna since day one. I think Mandy was mishandled both writing- and casting-wise, but her un-idealism is damn refreshing in season one. I like Abbey, even when her hair and her writing sucks. I adore Joey Lucas. Mallory and Laurie are, as far as I'm concerned, two of the many Great Things about season one. I started to like Zoey after season one. I love Andi, I liked Ainsley, I like Debbie. Never really warmed up to Amy, never got the intense hatred towards her either. I didn't mind Elsie or that intern who read government reports for fun. I've liked Kate - at lot - right from the start. I even liked that odd Mary Sueish character who worked for Toby in season five.
Annabeth Schott? Can't stand her.
*CJ asking Margaret to stay was awesome.

In other news, I wish I could make chai-tea that actually tasted something.


May. 10th, 2006 08:56 pm
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Watched The West Wing?
Liked Toby Ziegler?
Then go and read [ profile] raedbard's essay about Toby NOW. Almost everything I ever wanted to say about the guy, but wasn't articulate enough to do.


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