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I haven't watched A Game of Thrones (but will probably do so when I can access it in a way that doesn't require any effort on my behalf), but since two of the three things I liked about the book was a)Dany and b)that not very good thing that happens to Dany towards the end, I loved this meta;
Only Death May Pay For Life: Mirri Maz Duur as Subaltern Hero by eleusis-walks
(Spoilers for the end of AGoT, some minor spoilers for the later books, I think.)

Untitled, non-rated, S1-3 and beyond Merlin-fic In which Gwen falls in love a lot and then does something about it by aramis-chan.
This is kind of a mix of "medieval sexy-times with Gwen and everyone's happy and (almost) everything works out in the end, yay!" and thoughtful exploration of what she might actually feel about her various (potential) love-interests.
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The Future Queen held a Fluff fest last week, and I made a prompt. And dfriendy wrote the cutest little Gwen-Merlin-Arthur-baby griffin ficlet based on it. And to make things even better, felix-aeternus made an adorable picture to accompany it.

Then Merlin multis came into being. Which made starry-laa post a list of A Hundred Reasons to Ship Gwen/Lancelot and plingo-kat to post a list of 10 reasons to ship Merlin/Lancelot.
And there was much rejoicing.

Changing fandoms (OK, I'm not actually in Doctor Who-fandom - haven't seen the classic series or Moffat-Who, just largish chunks of RTD-Who), [personal profile] lizbee wrote Irregulars (Mickey/Martha, PG-13). I know there was a dozen faults with the way that this pairing was executed on the show itself, but I love the idea of M/M, and this story fills in the blanks and makes it make sense.
And that's why I love fanfiction, period.

Sick day

Mar. 2nd, 2010 02:37 pm
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Am home with a bad cold, and has spent most of the day watching the first half of the first season of Mad Men, of which I have nothing else to say than pretty sets, nasty people. (Also, one of these days Pete is going to cause the apocalypse Y/N?)

From last weeks Guardian:
Short piece about I, Claudius (the tv-series which tells you everything you need to know about that show (except that the Livia-Augustus-Agrippa relationship in episode one is the perfect source if you want to write about two boys old guys who LOVE each other and whose relationship is threatened by the machinations of an eeeevil woman, but where the evil woman in question also is awesome.)

Rec (Merlin):
The least we have to dread by [personal profile] tielan: A/G future-fic, which is a wonderful and very believable look at how they might interact a few years down the line, both as king and queen ruling the country together and as lovers. It also has some equally lovely and believable, non-adulterous G/L in the background. I want this future for those characters SO MUCH. (There is also a rather cute glimpse of future Merlin, as a bonus.)
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Two HP recs, apropos the recent discussion about fandom and female characters:
Being liquid by rotary phones. Teddy/Victoire, R-rated.
A rare story that manages to question and transform the canon's (and possibly the reader's) assumptions about gender and sexual orientation, while keeping the canon pairing and not dismissing the female character as uninteresting and unimportant. (Bonus points for the way the issue of Teddy's parents is handled.)

Better sisters is a ficlet from Fernwithy's recent round of prompt-taking, and an example of that YES it is possible to write Ginny and Fleur symphatetically in the same story, and YES one can assume that neither of them stayed exactly the same person they were back in their teens.

Assorted other recs:
Selenak continues to write Merlin-character studies. Five lessons is about Arthur and Sui Generis is about Merlin and I can only hope that she continues to go through the rest of the cast.

Five Pre-Raphaelite Muses Who Did Not Quite Pan Out by prochytes is Desperate Romantics/AtS/Torchwood/Primeval/Doctor Who/Merlin. I'm unfamiliar with half of these fandoms (though vaguely familiar with Dante Gabriel Rossetti) but of the three I am familiar with, two parts are hilarious and one is eerily beautiful.

And now some G/L stuff that got cut out of my last post )

Four things

Jan. 3rd, 2010 07:39 pm
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*Patrick Stewart wasn't the only I, Claudius-alumni getting honored by Queen Elizabeth this New Year; Margaret Tyzack received a CBE. Congratulations, Antonia!

*Tiny thing about the Doctor Who-finale: spoiler )

*[personal profile] selenak has written Gwen-fic, do go and read.

Poll #2017 I'm thinking of buying a copy of Pride and Prejudice.
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Which edition should I choose?

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The if you liked the cover of Twilight you might enjoy this cover-edition?
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You know there are free digital editions on the net, right?
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You do not deserve to own a copy of this book, you Darcy-hating fiend!
0 (0.0%)

(I actually do like the Twilight-cover, though not enough to read the book.)
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Made a quiche with some broccoli and Västerbottenost. Remembered half-way through why I havn't made anything similar in ages - I always fail with the crust. (This time, I accidentally heated the empty casserole, and the crust melted when I put it in.) Nevertheless, the result was pretty good and the leftovers will probably be even better.

Did some quite, quite necessary book-shopping. Isn't this the prettiest Austen-cover imaginable? [Back-cover blurb by J.K. Rowling]. Apart from maybe this. [Front cover blurb by Helen Fielding].

Also bought Strong Poison. Not with the cover I wanted (it's probably out of print), so it won't match the rest of my Whimsey(&Vane)-novels, but at least now I can read about Miss Climpson faking a séance whenever I need to. [Back-cover blurbs by P.D. James, Minette Walters and Ruth Rendell and an introduction by Elizabeth George. Bit of over-kill, there.)

For anyone who'd like to read short snippets of Harry Potter-fic, fernwithy has had a challenge-call again. I especially recommend number 3 and 11.


Apr. 26th, 2009 08:36 pm
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RL: Have been busy the past couple of months with changing jobs/moving. Expect to continue to be busy for a while.

Movie log: Have been watching the 1994 version of Middlemarch. Solid costume drama. According to the subtitles (but not the actual sound, I think) Lydgate addresses Rosamond as Ms Vincy, which feels terribly out of place. (BTW, is Andrew Davies really writing the screenplay for another version?)

Belated fanfiction rec: A Timely Intervention by [ profile] gm_weasley.
Rated NC17 (but there is plenty of plot if you're not interested in the sex-scenes).
This is post DH AH/AU Neville/Tonks. I haven't really considered this pairing before (other than as mild crack, perhaps), but it works really well here. What I also really like is how Gin deals with the Remus-issue; instead of dismissing the entire relationship with one sentence she works to put Tonks in a place where she is ready to move on. (I really wish there was more Tonks/people who aren't Remus-fic like this.)
And the way the Tonks and Teddy-issue is handled is...I do like it, though it makes my heart ache.

Recent Fantasy-reading: The Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman. Short version: I liked it, except for the parts that annoyed me.
More spoilery comments )
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Belated Happy new year!

Saw a novel about Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond series in the bookstore today. Almost bought it, but then I remembered that I have no shelf space left.

Hey! The BBC will adapt Andrea Levy's Small Island into a miniseries(?) this year. With Naomie Harris and that-actress-from-that-Jane Eyre-adaptation-I-havn't-seen-yet as Hortense and Queenie. Good news.

Rec time!
More ficlets-on-demand from [ profile] fernwithy:
Hermione's and Ron's wedding [Lovely fluff, lovely Hermione.]

Hermione and McGonagall during H:s seventh year [And it's a pretty good take on post-war Hogwarts, too. A bit sad, but hopeful.]

Harry and qudditch, post-war [More excellent fluff]

Young Albus D. and headmaster Black (Nigeullus) [Absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking take on a 13-year old Dumbledore, who has his very own way of getting into trouble.]

Lily, James and Harry in Godrics Hollow, 1981 [Just as cute and doomed as it should be.]

And something entirely different, a slightly older fic I re-discovered when I was looking for something else:
Just Impediment by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Blackadder/Doctor Who crossover. Starts with Edmund dissing Shakespeare:

“Of course it’s got good reviews. It’s a Shakespeare comedy,” Blackadder said, with all the venom such a prospect demanded. “It’ll be cross-dressing, willy jokes and hilarious misunderstandings between identical twins. All of which the general public eats up like one of Mrs Miggins’s Wednesday Surprises. Will ‘Predictable’ Shakespeare must have one of the cushiest jobs in England: write the same thing over and over and wait for the girls and cash to come rolling in.”

and it only gets better from there.
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[ profile] a_t_rain has posted the first chapter of The Lamentable Comedy of Severus, Half-Blood Prince of Denmark which is just as brilliantly weird as it sounds.

And this week's favorites from [ profile] fernwithy's ficlets:

Remus and Tonks discuss werewolf stuff and parenting during DH [Sweet and sad.]

Grown-up Dudley at Christmas. [I really like the idea of Dudley changing. But it possible that I like the idea of his parents staying the same a tiny bit more.]

Orion Black (Sirius' dad) trying to intervene in a family quarrel. [Excellent take on the Blacks.]

A 16-year old Teddy Lupin having a chat with Dumbledore's Portrait. [Possibly a bit to previous-fanfic-dependent to be read on it's own, but then again, maybe not. Gorgeous, anyway.]

Sunday recs

Dec. 7th, 2008 10:33 am
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[ profile] selenak has written West Wing-fic, which makes me happy, since she's an excellent writer and it's a fandom I like to revisit from time to time.
Words and the men: Jed and Toby, four glimpses over the years. Sad and a bit funny, as it should be.

[ profile] fernwithy offered to write ficlets based on other people's prompts last week-end, and got so many request that she'll probably be busy until January. These are my favorites so far. (Some of these makes more sense if you're familiar with her HP-ficverse. It's quite big by now, but well worth checking out.)

McGonagall and Sirius, during GoF [basks in the awesomeness of McG, and wants to hug Sirius]

Regulus/Lily II (and Harry) [So, sometime after the epilogue, Regulus returned from the actually-not-quite-dead. Just deal. I love how much Lily is her mother's daughter here.]

The trio discussing Teddy and dead parents and stuff ["Missing scene", sort of, from Fern's multi-chapter fic Teddy Lupin and the Daedalus Maze. Excellent Ron.]

More un-dead Regulus. Christmas at Grimmauld Place, again. [Fern's Reg is my favorite Reg ever.]

A Star Wars one! Little Princess Leia celebrates her birthday. [A must-read for all Leia-fen.]

Percy and his nephew Fred [Good take on an older, wiser Percy. Also good take on George, even if he doesn't appear in the story.]

Tonks giving Remus a birthday gift (during GoF) [I love those little moments when they could have been happy]

Two Sirius-centric ficlets today [Both are lovely, though I think I like the first one best.]
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Two HP-recs:
Fic: Those Russian Songs From Sunny Spain by [ profile] thistlerose: Harry/Ginny, set a couple of years after the Battle of Hogwarts, when Harry is that guy who married Ginny Weasley, Neville is the epitome of cool (though still very much Neville) and there is Hannah Abbot and smut (though not at the same time). Wonderful stuff.

Art: Bellatrix LeStrange reads Twilight by [ profile] buttfacemakani: Very funny.

Speaking about the Sparkly Vampires, my personal Harry Potter-fanon part 12576 is that before their big fall-out in year five, teenage Snape and Lily used amuse themselves by sporking bad vampire novels. (No, I havn't read Twilight and don't intend to - it's probably a very good thing these books didn't exist when I was fourteen because they would have warped me for life.)


Jan. 9th, 2008 10:53 pm
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Restitution Hasn't Come Quite Yet by [ profile] theiceisthin is a couple of brief, introspective glimpses of Tonks from OoTP to DH, it doesn't get to any profound insights about her and I think that's the point. R/T without being either particularly shippy or dismissive about the relationship, which is a bit of a feat in itself.

Harlequin by [ profile] andromeda3116 is also a brief character piece, this time of Teddy. Without being super-angsty, it portrays a kid who definitively is troubled by his parents death, and deals with it in a very different way from Harry. I don't think I've read any other fic that comes closer to "Teddy in my head" than this. (Also like the very brief glimpse of his relationship to Victoire that we get here).


Oct. 19th, 2007 12:25 pm
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I've taken the day off work just because I can. It's bliss.

There's an article about JKR's reading in New Orleans.
Read more... )

R/T recs:
Eight little deaths by [ profile] msspell is a ficlet chronicling Remus and Tonks relationship from the beginning to the end (almost). Nothing out of the ordinary, but well-written and bittersweet.

Dora's Album: March 1998 by MsWayward is a cute, PotterPuff-style picture - with an hilarious note from Tonks.


Jul. 13th, 2006 09:26 am
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Sistermagpie posted a review of Galaxy Quest. Recced because it's good and because there isn't enough GQ-meta around.


Jul. 25th, 2004 05:03 pm
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I really want to write something about Smallville-spoilers (so far, I'm quite happy) and something about Buffy (I'm bying lots of DVD:s I can barely afford, and I love it), but today I'm just going to pimp this:

Scrubsfic! Right now, most (all?) of the fic posted is JD/Cox-slash, witch I have little interest in, but hopefully there will be other stuff too.

Also, there is a Scrubs Slash Ficathon going on. To late to sign up now (and it's a moot point, since I rarely write fiction anyway), but I amused myself with dreaming up some unlikely pairings:

Doug/The Todd
Dr Kelso/Dr Townshend ("My Brother, My Keeper")
Sean/Nurse Flowers
Janitor/Cafeteria Guy

I also wish someone would write Jordan/Carla. And there should be more Cox/Ben


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