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* In the space of two months I've gone from "I guess I should catch up on Penny Dreadful to "this is the most perfect, beautiful show and I love it" to "my PD issues, let me show you them" and I wasn't even sure I wanted to watch the finale. But I did and while my issues with the show haven't been resolved, it amazing viewing experience

* Sembene is apparently really, really dead and there is nothing I love about that. And could Sir Malcolm please say where in Africa he plans to bury him? It's a rather large continent, you know.

* Getting rid of Evelyn Poole turned out to be rather anti-climactic, but that was sort of expected. I hope we see more of Hecate (hoping that she will develop into someone not 100% EEEEVIL is probably to much to hope for, so I'll try not to do that.)

* It was kind of interesting (or maybe just an oversight) that vision-Vanessa and Ethan were expecting a visit from "Mina and Johanthan", i.e. did Vanessa still kill Mina's first fiance in that AU? Which was so ridiculously happy that when the Chandler kids return from the park they will find their parents GONE and end up in a Lemony Snicket story. Or at least in a Edith Nesbit one.

* I never cared for Caliban, I've come to care quite a bit for John Clare. I'm not sure what I think about him killing the Putneys but him just walking past Lavinia as she taunted him was awesome. Oh, and can he and Vanessa be the romantic endgame of this show? I actually ship Ethan/Vanessa quite a bit, but they do fine for me as a doomed couple.

* Vision-Lily in the beginning was great, actual Lily...wasn't. I'm all for her getting her revenge on Victor, but then she could maybe concentrate on getting her revenge on Victor? And it remains to be seen if Dorian can work as 25-75% of next seasons big bad. I think not, but I'm ready to be surprised.


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