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• OK, let’s just decide that every time someone says ”I’m going to Spain” [but will be back for dinner] they actually mean they’re going to the Spanish Netherlands? Which would at least be slightly less ridiculous?

• Constance!!!!! My girl! Bravely facing execution in fabulous shoes and a dirty hemline, out-sassing Spanish spymasters, being the queens champion, marrying a Gascon ex-farmboy so poor his parents couldn’t even afford to give him a Christian name (on the plus side, he’s hot.)

• Can I fanwank that when Athos went to ask Milady to rescue Aramis from prison, they took five minutes off to make babies? Because I really, really want to.

• Marguerite…I guess that there are worse ways that storyline could have ended, but I can’t really think of any now. Seriously, how can the show simultaneously go out of it’s way to show that Marguerite does what she does under extreme pressure, that she takes no joy in betraying (more or less) innocent people, that she and Rocehfort does not have a friendly, equal relationship – and still our heroes mainly ignore her, and the only one who blames Aramis for her fate is Rochefort, THE ONE PERSON WHO HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DO THAT? (Seriously, that bit made me sick.) It would have been so easy to have Aramis at the end acknowledge that he treated her badly and in doing so created a perfect weapon for Rochefort to use against the queen and the dauphin, but nope. Nothing.

• At least I hope that since Rochefort tore up Marguerite’s suicide-note, everyone will think that he poisoned her and she’ll have a proper burial. (And no, I don’t think he tore it up for her sake. He didn’t like her. He caused her irreparable harm. Don’t try and turn it into anything else.)

• Athos snarking about the British weather was such a Dumas thing to do.

• Anne and Louis interacting again! Hope this trend continues next year. And she’s so badass and he’s so broken and I just want to hug them. And yell at him a lot and at her a little.

• I know that Athos has been set up since the beginning as the first among equals-musketeer, but I seriously think that Porthos would make a better or at least equally good captain at this stage.

• If I really, really squint I can see "it's d'Artagnan who will finally bring Rochefort down as a call-back to Rochefort killing the blacksmith (?) that d'Artagnan refused to kill back in episode 2, it doesn't really work.

* So we still don’t have a name for the dauphin? Does this mean that we have to live through another year of “will he or won’t he make it” or can we just assume that that TPTB means that “The kid is the future Louis XIV, he’s Aramis’ child, just deal with it, this won’t affect real history or other fictionalized versions of the Bourbon dynasty”. (Please?)


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