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Which I mostly whine and snark about.

• OK, so this whole set-up with the Mellendorfs and Louis wanting to remarry would have been SOOO much more interesting if we had seen Louis and Anne interact properly. (And I’m not a historian and neither is this show meant to be a docu-drama, but wouldn’t it have made sense for Richelieu to try and get the royal marriage annulled on grounds of Anne’s infertility before he turned to something as drastic as murder? Yeah, that would have been a very different episode, I know.)

• Pretty Czech countryside is pretty.

• They’re trying to reach Merlin-levels of gratuitous male shirtlessness, aren’t they? In that vein, I’m just going to use the Aramis-fishing imagery to pretend that Kara’s ruthlessly pragmatic twin sister Elaine became special advisor on magic matters to Queen Guinevere, found a confused (but tastefully half-naked) Lancelot while on a stroll in the woods and brought him back to Camelot. And then there were threesomes.

• Still continuing in that vein. Aramis hooks up with yet another former female Merlin guest star. (Yes, that seems to have been Queen Ygraine.) And that was about the only good thing about the whole Isabelle-Helene business. I’ve never been particularly fond of the Aramis-as-a-big-softie-with-a-secret-heart-of-gold that the show occasionally has been pushing, but I guess I don’t have much choice but to accept it. It was a colossal waste to let the mysterious lost love from his past be a slightly boring but sensible woman who explained in one minute why it was good that they didn’t end up together. And it is infuriating that she had to die for him to realize that she was right, and it is doubly infuriating that he went around thinking for fifteen years or so that he couldn’t love any other woman, and that poor, forgotten Adele – who died because she loved him – apparently meant nothing.

• In short, I think Aramis comes across a jerk here (an unfunny jerk, that’s the worst) and the possible good thing I can see coming out of this is that he might start to seriously consider the priesthood.

• Anne talking about her pregnancy and miscarriage was her best scene so far. Give this woman more lines!

• And now Aramis has sex with a very powerful and rich married woman? In a convent? THAT’S my boy.

• Athos is much, much better when planning battle strategy with the mother superior than when he tries to bond with Gallagher over their man-pain. (Though in some ideal episode in my head this would have been the convent where Milady grew up and it would have been about how the de la Fere’s and the mother superior got stuck in the wine cellar and had to play drinking games and tell each other harsh truths until they were saved by the others.)

• The Cardinal is the worst boss ever, right?

• I might have something to say about the Portos & d’Artagnan & Treville-bits after a re-watch. Or not.

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I am suspecting that Aramis sleeping with the Queen is what's going to produce the heir to the throne.


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