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Jan. 6th, 2013 12:13 pm
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Saw it on Thursday. No 3D, no frills, didn't get a headache.

Was it too long? I can't really decide. I loved, loved, LOVED the first half; The Shire! Flashbacks! The unexpected party allowed to take it's own sweet time!, but by the time the finale action sequence rolled around I was doing a grocery shopping list in my head. (Short answer: Yes, it could have been 30-45 minutes shorter, and it was the action sequences that should have been cut.)


I was not familiar with Richard Armitage before, but he was suitably smouldering and arrogant and king-like as Thorin and I totally forgive PJ et all for not casting George Clooney. (My dream casting back in 2002. I'm not kidding you.)

Actually, the only dwarf actor I was familiar with was Aidan Turner, whom I remember from Desperate Romantics. Since he's easy on the eye it was nice to see him not playing a ginormous tool.

I have no idea how Bofur ended up as Dwarf-with-lines-and-personality, but I liked him.

LOVED all the flashbacks, and the sets for Kingdom under the Mountain/Lake Town. But would it have killed them to mention Dis? (Though fandom has finally discovered her. Worst suggestion found on Tumblr: that she's human-like and beautiful and not resembling other dwarf-women, most hilarious suggestion found on Tumblr: Dis/Bofur and their class-barrier crossing love. Ered Luin Abbey here we come!)

I liked Radagast and hope that we will see more of him and his best hedgehog buddy and his turbo-rabbits in later movies.

Is Saruman supposed to be evil already, or just a giant snob? (Either way, Christopher Lee was hilarious.)

Gollum and the riddles in the dark: was brilliant. I knew that the potential for greatness was there, but that didn't lessen the experience.

I re-watched (bits of) the first disc of FotR: extended edition yesterday (Liv Tyler was seriously underrated in the corners of fandom I spent my time in back in the day) and seeing old Bilbo after having spent so much time with youngish, uncorrupted-by-the-ring Bilbo...dammit. That hurt.

In conclusion: I can't wait for the DVD. And for Beorn (Micke Persbrandt issues notwhitstanding). And for Thorin vs. Thranduil. And for the battle of Lake Town. And for getting my heart broken.

Date: 2013-01-06 12:36 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] eight_demands
I read somewhere (tumblr?) that Saruman is already evil, but he's not supposed to act evil, so that Gandalf and Elrond can be surprised in FoTR when he turns on them.


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