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There is a good Susanna Clarke & Neil Gaiman interview in Salon. (You'll need a subscription or a free day-pass to acess it.)

Made simple icon-bases of the raven from the various bookcovers. Use and/or modify them if you want to.

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ETA: All this stuff about JS&MN made me go back to the official website and read Mr Norell's Letter to the editor of The Times. Highly recommended, whether you have/intend to read the book or not. It's priceless. I love that horrid little man.
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I got Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell by Susanna Clarke for Christmas, but I havn't had time to read it until now. I hoped I would like it. I love it, it gives me chills and makes me giggle in turns. It nothing like I expected it to be. I don't remember what I expected it to be. I've read about two thirds, not long enough to worry about that it will eventually end. So far, I've tried to avoid seeking out reviews and discussion of it - I don't want to be spoiled, I don't want to be influenced by others opinions.

The review extract on the dust jacket compares it to Jane Austen three times, which I think is a bit much. Sure, it's the same time period, and I can see some Austen influences in the characterization and humor (according to this interview, Austen is Clarke's favorite author), but it's very different from an Austen novel (and not just because of the magic). It doesn't have a rural setting. It includes actual dates and historical events and real people. Servants have names and dialog and plots of their own. It's more about politics and business than it is about courtship and social conventions. I can see Dickens, and Thackeray, and Anthony Trollope and Emily Brontë as much, if not more, as Austen. (Sometimes, I also think of Tolkien. And Alan Garner, for some reason.)

I love the footnotes. I like how the magic resembles the magic of fairy-tale and legend. It does feel real.
And Mr Norell is funny and annoying and touching and scary.


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