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Very belated reaction to Doctor Who, "A Good Man Goes to War",

spoiler for that episode )

Finally saw The King's Speech.
Unpopular opinion (among Academy Award voters, at least): it wasn't all that. And I think Rush was better than Firth. (And, on a sillier note, the constant darkness reminded me too much of the middle HP-movies, and the casting didn't help.)

Managed to catch a bit of the first half of the end of Smallville. I've been out of the loop since the middle of season four or thereabouts, but damn it! Martha and her smile! Chloe and her smile! Nice not to be entirely indifferent about it, cause it did mean a lot to me once. (Well at least it brought me to LJ.)
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First season five episode I managed to catch. Didn't make me feel sorry to have missed the previous three (four? five?) episodes, but I'll try take up watching it again.

Good cheese. Really good. Pseudo-lesbian sorority vampires and krypto-bats and Clark as Zorro an Lex' pool table the freaking Roman Empire again. With added meta-cheese in the form of James Masters (who looked really good without the platinum hair) telling us that "Vampires doesn't exist". Sniff. I miss Angel & co. Chloe's Veronica Mars-esque voice-overs where a bit too much, though. (But AM was lovely, as usual.)

Missed the parents.

The new, way overdue credits looked rather good.
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Home sick, watching Smallville tapes, suddenly thinking;
It's more or less confirmed that Lex is kryptomutant, a lot of people have pointed out that Lana really should be one too, and I've seen speculation that Lionel migth be one. But what about Martha and Jonathan? They seem to be caught right in the middle of the meteor shower. Hmmm.

Also, according to The Ledger Mayor Tate wanted to be a writer, just like his previous incarnation The Cigarette Smoking Man. Sniff. I wish Lionel would start a publishing company just so the poor man could se his work in print. Mean, mean Lionel.
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1. The Lana-fanboys were right! Darn.
The more pictures I see of Kristin Kreuk, the more enamoured I become of her hair.
I like it when it’s straight. I like it when it is a little wavy. I like it when it’s hanging loose, I like it when it is pulled back.
I want that hair. I almost have it - my hair has similar colour and texture, but it is much shorter. AND IT WONT GROW!
So, if I sometimes say mean things about the character of Lana, it is not really because I think she is badly written or acted.
It is because I am jelluz of her beautiful, beautiful hair!

2. Smallville is located in Östergötland. Or possibly on the moon.
(This doesn’t make any sense if you’re not familiar with the Swedish comic strip Assar.)
Apparently Metropolis, Kansas has a shady dock area now, a fact that at first doesn’t seem to make much sense. Then I remembered the shady dock area that Baron Bosse built in Nollberga (because every town needs one!) and suddenly it became very, very clear.
Clark is of course Tyrone, the meek, dorky guy with a secret superhero identity. (Duh)
Lex is his arch enemy Razor, struggling with the evil and the good in himself.
Lana is Flora A., the self-centered, pretentious, bad poetry-loving girl.
Chloe is Flora P., the perky, ambitious journalist girl. (Who just might be a little evil...)
Lionel, with his scheming, and his projects and his experiments and his disregard for human life and his beard, is Baron Bosse.
Jonathan is random farmer, Martha is random farmer’s wife and Pete...might grow up to be Elof Öhman if he is lucky.
As I said, this wont make much sense to most people, but the thought has made me giggle the entire day.
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I happened to catch an early episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on TV3 the other day, and made the following observations:
1. No matter how low Chloe and Clark will sink, they (i.e. their relationship, their storyline) will never be as painful to watch as Brandon/Andrea.
2. Shannen Doherty was really...not at all fat, but she had the largest waist I've seen on a female lead on an American teen drama for years. It made me unreasonably happy until I remembered that the show is more than a decade old.
3. Jackie Taylor (Kelly's flaky mom) is my favourite character on the show. Not a big feat, given that it was full of whiny, self-righteous people.

Speaking of teen shows, I kind of wish I could watch The O.C.. Cause Adam Brody was the cutest Freak of the Week EVER

I'm re-reading Guy Gavriel Kay's The Fionavar Tapestry and I'm "casting" it in my head. I've decided that I want Tom Welling to play Dave - he's not quite right physically, but he is so good at acting whiny and petulant. (I've also decided that TW should play Joe in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, because The RPS of Pain has made me believe that he really has a czech accent.) More SV actors in Fionavar, one tiny spoiler for FT )

I've decided to write down my current stupid and somewhat less stupid Smallville-plotbunnies here. (And if anyone wants to take them, alter them genetically and make stew out of them, you're welcome.) All of them are Lana-centric, and I have no idea why.

1. AU where Emily doesn't drown and Lana gives her the kryptonite-necklace to thank her for saving her life. Emily becomes the perfect, popular girl and Lana becomes a quiet, bookish nerd. How would this affect Clark and Lana's relationship? Would they become friends? Would Clark still have a crush on Lana, or would he pine for the unobtainable Emily? What would Chloe, Whitney, Pete and Lex do in this universe?
2. Really whacky movie-of-the-week badfic bunny where (an adult) Chloe has Lionel's baby, leaves him and moves in with her new lover, Lana. After a couple of years Chloe dies and Lana must fight against the evil mr Luthor to keep custody of her darling child. Can Superman help?
3. Chlionel, seen from Lana's (jealous) perspective. Or Chlionel seen from any other characters perspective.
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TV3 showed Calling last Sunday. They will show Accelerate this week. Huh? I guess there are some Smallville episodes that can be shown out of order, but these two are not among them. Two-part finale, anyone? (Also, on their webpage they write that "Clark soon discovers that Emily isn’t an ordinary, kind ghost.". Since when was the default setting for ghosts "kind"?)

My VCR didn't tape the last few minutes of Precipice, so I didn’t see Lex propose to Helen, but I honestly don’t care. Not a very good episode. I enjoyed Witness much more, though I discovered that I even think Kristin Kreuk’s looks are overrated. Sad.

Calling was...well. The doctor Walden/mytharc bits could have been good, but they were drowned in a sea of spineless Lana, stupid Clark and whiny Chloe. I enjoyed the Kent family meeting outside the paddock (?), Lionel and his evil, freaky hair (unfortunately, him trying to kill Lex is starting to make very much sense) and Lex raising an eyebrow, thogh.
And Chloe asking Clark to be honest with her was heartbreaking.

Will now visit Allison Mack’s blog and be inspired by the AM & JG picture to have bad, wrong Chlionel thoughts. [Ledger exclusive: LOCAL COFFEE-SHOP MANAGER ABANDONED AGAIN! Highschool journalist and evil billionaire announce their engagement.] And the picture in the gallery of AM and a motorbike is just adorable.

TV thoughts

Jun. 1st, 2003 08:19 am
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Have watched the Dawsons Creek finale. Felt very nostalgic. Thoughts:
* I'm glad Joey ended up with Pacey, since I've "shipped" them more or less since season one.
* Very weird to see Billy from Six feet under in this setting.
* Speaking about SFU, I think David would be the perfect match for Doug. Sorry, Jack (and no, you can't have Keith either).
* Since there is no real evidence to the contrary, I chose to believe that Dawson is the father of Jen's baby. (Yes, I've watched way to many soaps.)

Last week was the first time since October when I neither watched nor taped Smallville. Which either means that my interest is waning, or that I needed some time to "deal with" the not to encouraging rumors about the season finale. The fact that I was struck this Wednesday with a desire to make a web-page about it points to Alternative 2.

I've also started to read and enjoy Chlionel, and I like it so much that I can overlook plot-holes and bad characterization. Oh dear.


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