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1. The Lana-fanboys were right! Darn.
The more pictures I see of Kristin Kreuk, the more enamoured I become of her hair.
I like it when it’s straight. I like it when it is a little wavy. I like it when it’s hanging loose, I like it when it is pulled back.
I want that hair. I almost have it - my hair has similar colour and texture, but it is much shorter. AND IT WONT GROW!
So, if I sometimes say mean things about the character of Lana, it is not really because I think she is badly written or acted.
It is because I am jelluz of her beautiful, beautiful hair!

2. Smallville is located in Östergötland. Or possibly on the moon.
(This doesn’t make any sense if you’re not familiar with the Swedish comic strip Assar.)
Apparently Metropolis, Kansas has a shady dock area now, a fact that at first doesn’t seem to make much sense. Then I remembered the shady dock area that Baron Bosse built in Nollberga (because every town needs one!) and suddenly it became very, very clear.
Clark is of course Tyrone, the meek, dorky guy with a secret superhero identity. (Duh)
Lex is his arch enemy Razor, struggling with the evil and the good in himself.
Lana is Flora A., the self-centered, pretentious, bad poetry-loving girl.
Chloe is Flora P., the perky, ambitious journalist girl. (Who just might be a little evil...)
Lionel, with his scheming, and his projects and his experiments and his disregard for human life and his beard, is Baron Bosse.
Jonathan is random farmer, Martha is random farmer’s wife and Pete...might grow up to be Elof Öhman if he is lucky.
As I said, this wont make much sense to most people, but the thought has made me giggle the entire day.


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