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I watched basically unspoiled, that was a good thing and I would recommend it.

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Spent the week-end re-reading Margaret Drabble's The Millstone. Back in the early nineties it made me (very, very briefly) want to have a baby. Now it just made me the impulse to fantasy-cast the thing (being in a sixties mood after a recent Mad Men-marathon. Anyway, I started the fantasy-casting with George, the too-skinny BBC-presenter, and went through Ben Winshaw and Matt Smith and Colin Morgan before I decided to check if it had been filmed at it turns out it had. In 1969. With Ian McKellen as George.
Sometimes real-life casting is even better than fantasy casting (at least on paper)?

Checking out the movie on IMDB (it's called A Touch of Love), I also discovered that it a)it has Margaret Tyzack in a small role and b) sadly enough, Ms Tyzack died about a year ago.

Did look for the dvd at Amazon (it exists), where I also (via the "since you've shown interest in similar items-function - don't ask) found out that this exist.
Now why don't I have any children, again?
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1. Chrétien du Troyes/Marie de Champagne/Godefroy de Lagny Media fandom/Social Media Modern AU-RPF

2. Remus/Tonks-fic where they spend the last two years of their lives in a happy, functional relationship and Tonks' death isn't really, really stupid. And we shall call it movie-verse, and it shall be sort of canon-compatible.

3. The Hour/Downton Abbey-crossover where Lix Storm turns out to be descended from Mrs Hughes. (Granddaughter? Daughter? I can't work out the timelines.)

4. A Discword-story where a talented young witch meets Granny Weatherwax and finds her awesome. And then she meets Nanny Ogg and finds her awesome, too. Oh wait, Pratchett already wrote that. Thanks, Sir Terry!

5. Crack-fic where MI6 really is run by Kilgarrah, Sirius Black, Mr Darcy, Caesar and Dobby the Free Elf, with some assistance from Sherlock Holmes.
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Very belated reaction to Doctor Who, "A Good Man Goes to War",

spoiler for that episode )

Finally saw The King's Speech.
Unpopular opinion (among Academy Award voters, at least): it wasn't all that. And I think Rush was better than Firth. (And, on a sillier note, the constant darkness reminded me too much of the middle HP-movies, and the casting didn't help.)

Managed to catch a bit of the first half of the end of Smallville. I've been out of the loop since the middle of season four or thereabouts, but damn it! Martha and her smile! Chloe and her smile! Nice not to be entirely indifferent about it, cause it did mean a lot to me once. (Well at least it brought me to LJ.)
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Saw Deathly Hallows II last night. Like with most (all?) HP movies, I can’t decide whether it actually works as a story or not, but it was enjoyable throughout. (Except for the bit where I convinced myself that there was seven horcruxes, Harry not included, and desperately tried to remember the seventh one). Special kudos to Grint, Radcliffe and Watson, who never been better.

Spoilery bullet-points )
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...yeah, "Goblins Gold", I don't love you anymore ;-)

Spoilers for episode )

Other things that I've watched this week-end:

The Duchess: Moderately entertaining movie about how patriarchy really, really sucks. I found Bess - and her relationship both to Georgiana and to the duke, and the motives for her actions - much more interesting than anything else in it. Also, the costume people must have had a wonderful time.

The Boat That Rocked: When you fast-forward through it, it isn't half bad.

BtVS season one, "Angel": Between this and "Twilight" I think I might have something quasi-profound to say about Broody Vampire Boyfriends. I also think someone has said it before. Also, I like Darla much more than I remember doing before.
(And the Buffy/Merlin-crossovers I crave at the moment: Giles getting dropped into Camelot and kicking Uther's sorry arse. And Joyce and Arthur meeting up to discuss that vague feeling they have that Really Strange Things might be going on just behind their backs.)
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*2009 has been a better year for me than for a lot of people (and it turned out a lot better than I could imagine a year ago), not least financially. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about 2010, because that's the way I work.

*In the space of three weeks in december, there was a birth and a death in my extended family. I'm feeling happy and sad an tired about this.

*I went to see Bright Star on Monday, and now I'm in love with Abbie Cornish's and Jane Campion's Fanny Brawne. I love how much of the first half of the film is about challenging the still-pervasive idea that Things That Men Do (here: writing poetry) automatically is of more value than Things That Women Do (here: sewing). And although I've known for more than twenty years when and how Keats died, I cried at the end, because his death broke Fanny's heart.

*I'm reading Jane Austen's The Watsons. The heroine is named Emma and I keep imagining her wearing a frilly pink dress and raising her eyebrows a lot.

Sort of related to That Show:
*The god's of "finding the episode with that particular guest-star" smiled at me the other night, when me and random family members decided to watch Lewis for the first time and it turned out to be the episode where Bradley James plays a student.
(I'm terribly amused about how Morse manages to screw things up even after his death.)

*General Arthuriana: Bibliotèque Nationale de France has an exhibition. Nice pictures.
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Yet another British film with lots of old Harry Potter-actors in it.

Though I must say that the combination Mr Darcy/Bellatrix sounds intriguing...
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Just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I enjoyed it, though I think it works better as a series of set-pieces than as an actual movie - I wouldn't recommend it to non-fans.

Spoilery )


May. 25th, 2009 09:42 pm
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Finally saw Prince Caspian.
I...I just want to hug this movie, it was so adorable.
cut for general squeeing )

And then I saw the ER-episode where Benton shows up at Carter's not-death bed, and there also is Doug and Carol.

And that's why I didn't get anything useful done this evening.
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...that I move here, and pay taxes and become an upstanding member of the community in general, and you...provide stuff.
Like a decent library. (Check)
And some place to buy expensive chocolate. (Check)
And some place to buy sushi. (Check, though it is so far untested.)
And a cinema that shows the summer blockbusters that my reading list are squeeing about...WHAT, no Star Trek? Not this week? Or anytime?

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I just discovered that [ profile] ootpmoviepics has made a bunch of post with very, very huge promo-pics over the week.

This one has a really one of Fiennes, Bonham Carter, Gambon and Radcliffe on the Ministry set (Bella/Voldy=OTP 4EWA!), and a nice one of Lupin.

Movie log

Feb. 8th, 2008 10:57 pm
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The Prestige - not a bad movie to spend an otherwise boring Friday evening with. Were on my way to guessing some of the twist halfway through, though not the conclusion. Was a bit annoyed by one plot element, but apart from that it was a really clever movie. Though it was one of those stories were you should never, ever be a grown woman, cause that will never end well.

Movie log

Jan. 28th, 2008 09:43 pm
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Saw Juno today. It's a well-written, well-directed, visually very cute movie with some very good performances in it, but it still left me a bit underwhelmed. It was...the kind of movie that you felt you've already seen, once you watched the trailer and read a few reviews. I liked the way the main plot was resolved, though.

*Juno's and Bleeker's relationship might have been interesting if played out over a season in a tv-show, but it fell flat for me here.

*Movies where Jennifer Garner plays "the grown-up" makes me feel old.

*Allison Janney is just awesome (must watch season 7 of The West Wing soon.)

And to the people sitting next to me in the cinema: This is not your living-room.
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I know that others have bitched about this, but...

Many years ago I borrowed a copy of Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia. The cover depicted a sturdy stone bridge, on which a teen-age (maybe 15-16 years old) couple was sitting. The girl had long hair and wore a pretty dress, and the whole thing was green and lush and romantic like a shampoo commercial.
If you read the book, you know that this is about as WRONG as it could be. Or at least it was, until the trailer for the movie version came along.
(Or maybe they've remade it as a kids' fantasy adventure. Which would be...very wrong, too.)

Yeah, I went to see OotP again last night:
Spoilers for movie and DH )
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Impressions, slightly spoilerish )

I actually might re-watch this in the cinema later this summer. And I'll definitively buy the dvd, unless I'm sick of all things Potter by then.


May. 26th, 2007 09:23 pm
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Saw At Worlds End yesterday.


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