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Found an old Melrose Place tape the other day. Three episodes from the classic “Big Bang”-storyline and two from the miserable second half of season six.
* Michael Mancini is still the cutest little evil thing ever.
* Matt was a hottie.
* Jane was more bearable than Alison.
* Marcia Cross and Jack Wagner are less good actors than I remember, but Kimmie is still my girl.
* Burns&Mancini are priceless together.
* I like Sydney, Amanda and Jake (!) much more than I used to do.
* Brooke and Haley should have their own show.
* Andrew Shue is a horrible, horrible actor and should be ashamed of himself for having “acted” for a living for six years.
* Jennifer was really pretty (what has happened to Alyssa Milano’s looks in the last few years?) and comes across as a surprisingly nice and normal person for this show.
* Megan is still my girl too! Now I want to see season five to look form Kim/Megan femslashy moments.
* I find Brooke Langton quite pretty now, but Sam is still an incredibly boring character.
* I like Taylor. No, really.
* Wow, season six was bad.

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Having once been a huge fan of Melrose Place in general and dr. Kimberly Shaw in particular, I was thrilled to learn that Marcia Cross will have a recurring role on Everwood during the second season. Today I found a mini-interview with MC, where I find out that after she left MP she went on to study psychology. And right before she got the role on Everwood, she was interning as a counsellor at a Beverly Hills clinic.
Not that I think that ms. Cross would ever help her patients (?) hide the fact that they caused their sister's strokes by spiking their drinks with tranquillisers or anything...but I'm still getting hilarious "Kim as Syd's therapist"-flashbacks.

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