Dec. 7th, 2009 08:26 pm
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Thank you for the pretty snowflake, [personal profile] dharmavati!

Food question: I'm thinking of having a vegan week sometime after the holidays (mostly, I want to see how hard/easy it is to skip dairy products), and I have a couple of lentil/bean/vegetable soups/stews that I either know I like or want to try, but does anyone have suggestions for really quick vegan meals that are somewhat more substantial than just eating an avocado?

Really shallow Merlin-related thoughts:
*Fandom opinion about Bradley James' facial hair seem to be divided between intense hate and mild dislike, but I have to admit that in this picture, he looks more King Arthur-ish to me than he has ever done on the show.

*I've been watching the tent-scene in "Sweet Dreams", um, several times, trying to figure out if Gwen/Angel Coulby has a pox-scar[?] on her forehead or not. (If she had, it would fit right into my personal fanon for Gwen, so it is obviously very important.)

*Speaking of personal fanon, after weeks of careful plotting to save the Elaines form fates worse than being a villain of the week, I'm thisclose to making them run off with each other. Lancelot will just have to deal with his nervous breakdown by himself.
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Made a quiche with some broccoli and Västerbottenost. Remembered half-way through why I havn't made anything similar in ages - I always fail with the crust. (This time, I accidentally heated the empty casserole, and the crust melted when I put it in.) Nevertheless, the result was pretty good and the leftovers will probably be even better.

Did some quite, quite necessary book-shopping. Isn't this the prettiest Austen-cover imaginable? [Back-cover blurb by J.K. Rowling]. Apart from maybe this. [Front cover blurb by Helen Fielding].

Also bought Strong Poison. Not with the cover I wanted (it's probably out of print), so it won't match the rest of my Whimsey(&Vane)-novels, but at least now I can read about Miss Climpson faking a séance whenever I need to. [Back-cover blurbs by P.D. James, Minette Walters and Ruth Rendell and an introduction by Elizabeth George. Bit of over-kill, there.)

For anyone who'd like to read short snippets of Harry Potter-fic, fernwithy has had a challenge-call again. I especially recommend number 3 and 11.
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And in honor of Lana, I've made pink bread.

OK, not really. I just decides to try a recipe of bread with beet(root)s and it turned pink. Should've seen that coming, though it feels rather strange. It tastes delicious though, seasoned with sunflowerseeds and caraway (?). And it was a lovely dough to work with. Days like this I wish I had a family to bake and cook for - though most of the people I know who do have kids, don't have the time or energy to bake.

[Note to self: must make new Smallville-icon with hot promo-picture of Mama Kent.]


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