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Belated Happy new year!

Saw a novel about Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond series in the bookstore today. Almost bought it, but then I remembered that I have no shelf space left.

Hey! The BBC will adapt Andrea Levy's Small Island into a miniseries(?) this year. With Naomie Harris and that-actress-from-that-Jane Eyre-adaptation-I-havn't-seen-yet as Hortense and Queenie. Good news.

Rec time!
More ficlets-on-demand from [ profile] fernwithy:
Hermione's and Ron's wedding [Lovely fluff, lovely Hermione.]

Hermione and McGonagall during H:s seventh year [And it's a pretty good take on post-war Hogwarts, too. A bit sad, but hopeful.]

Harry and qudditch, post-war [More excellent fluff]

Young Albus D. and headmaster Black (Nigeullus) [Absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking take on a 13-year old Dumbledore, who has his very own way of getting into trouble.]

Lily, James and Harry in Godrics Hollow, 1981 [Just as cute and doomed as it should be.]

And something entirely different, a slightly older fic I re-discovered when I was looking for something else:
Just Impediment by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Blackadder/Doctor Who crossover. Starts with Edmund dissing Shakespeare:

“Of course it’s got good reviews. It’s a Shakespeare comedy,” Blackadder said, with all the venom such a prospect demanded. “It’ll be cross-dressing, willy jokes and hilarious misunderstandings between identical twins. All of which the general public eats up like one of Mrs Miggins’s Wednesday Surprises. Will ‘Predictable’ Shakespeare must have one of the cushiest jobs in England: write the same thing over and over and wait for the girls and cash to come rolling in.”

and it only gets better from there.


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