Feb. 6th, 2004 09:59 pm
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So, I think I found my BH 90210-slash OTP:
Dylan and Mean Bald Guy In Rehab.

Also, early Val with the shortish hair is very pretty (and funny and cool and Ihatekellytaylorsomuch).

Also, Luke Perry bears a passing resemblance to Orlando Bloom. This scares me.

Also: What were they thinking when they introduced Jesse?


Dec. 9th, 2003 09:39 pm
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I'm still occasionally cathing re-runs of BH 90210 on TV3, and every time I "ship" Brenda and Dylan a little more, even though they moved into the Kelly/Dylan-era, and he really, really is a rather unsympathetic character played by a quite incompetent actor. Also, my hate for Brandon and Andrea, both (not) together and apart continues to grow. Isn't it horrible that Tori Spelling wasn't the worst casting mistake on that show?
And I forgotten that the great but somewhat underrated tv-bitch Stephanie Beacham played Dylan's mom! You don't have to be completely talentless to be cast on a Spelling show or two. (See also Doherty, Shannen.)
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I happened to catch an early episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on TV3 the other day, and made the following observations:
1. No matter how low Chloe and Clark will sink, they (i.e. their relationship, their storyline) will never be as painful to watch as Brandon/Andrea.
2. Shannen Doherty was really...not at all fat, but she had the largest waist I've seen on a female lead on an American teen drama for years. It made me unreasonably happy until I remembered that the show is more than a decade old.
3. Jackie Taylor (Kelly's flaky mom) is my favourite character on the show. Not a big feat, given that it was full of whiny, self-righteous people.

Speaking of teen shows, I kind of wish I could watch The O.C.. Cause Adam Brody was the cutest Freak of the Week EVER

I'm re-reading Guy Gavriel Kay's The Fionavar Tapestry and I'm "casting" it in my head. I've decided that I want Tom Welling to play Dave - he's not quite right physically, but he is so good at acting whiny and petulant. (I've also decided that TW should play Joe in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, because The RPS of Pain has made me believe that he really has a czech accent.) More SV actors in Fionavar, one tiny spoiler for FT )

I've decided to write down my current stupid and somewhat less stupid Smallville-plotbunnies here. (And if anyone wants to take them, alter them genetically and make stew out of them, you're welcome.) All of them are Lana-centric, and I have no idea why.

1. AU where Emily doesn't drown and Lana gives her the kryptonite-necklace to thank her for saving her life. Emily becomes the perfect, popular girl and Lana becomes a quiet, bookish nerd. How would this affect Clark and Lana's relationship? Would they become friends? Would Clark still have a crush on Lana, or would he pine for the unobtainable Emily? What would Chloe, Whitney, Pete and Lex do in this universe?
2. Really whacky movie-of-the-week badfic bunny where (an adult) Chloe has Lionel's baby, leaves him and moves in with her new lover, Lana. After a couple of years Chloe dies and Lana must fight against the evil mr Luthor to keep custody of her darling child. Can Superman help?
3. Chlionel, seen from Lana's (jealous) perspective. Or Chlionel seen from any other characters perspective.


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