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Birthdate:Dec 12
Librarian. 30-something. Swedish (i.e. not a native English speaker).
Occasionally blogs about fantasy and/or YA-fiction (including, but not limited to, hissyfits about Harry Potter-fandom). Also likes watching movies on DVD. And food. Lots of it.

I have a similar journal on Livejournal.

Reading page/subscribing/access policy: At the moment, I'm granting access to people who are "mutual friends" on LJ and subscribing to non-mutual LJ "friends". (Neither list is complete.) I'm also occasionally subscribing to other journals that I find interesting in some way.

You're more than welcome to reciprocate if it feels fun/convenient/safe for you, but I won't hold it against you if you don't.

Everyone else is welcome to subscribe/grant access to my journal without asking, I'll reciprocate on a case to case basis.

As for unsubscribing, I'll unsubscribe anyone at anytime for a great number of reasons, and you're free to do the same to me.
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