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2015-12-18 09:12 pm
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I watched basically unspoiled, that was a good thing and I would recommend it.

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2015-07-06 07:22 pm
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2015-03-21 12:26 pm
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The Musketeers 2x09

Really brief notes - I have a lot of thoughts, especially about Queen Anne, but I think I better wait until next week.

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2015-01-11 11:33 am
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The Musketeers 2x01 and 2x02, random impressions

2x01 "Keep your friends close"

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2x02 "An ordinary man"

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2014-03-23 11:53 pm
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The Musketeers 1x09

Which I mostly whine and snark about.

I did like the fighting nuns, though )
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2014-03-16 02:36 pm
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The ridiculously late The Musketeers 1x07 reaction post

In which the love triangle from episode one is re-enacted with Balinor’s evil twin as Richelieu, Richelieu as Adele and Axel Oxenstierna as Aramis.

(Yeah, I know Oxenstierna was neither seen nor mentioned, and possibly messing with some other bit of the 30-year war at the time, but he fits better into pseudo-historical RPS about middle-aged guys with nice graying beards than the entire freaking country of Sweden.)

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2014-02-24 11:58 am
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The Musketeers 1x05

In which the Queen of France goes on a spa weekend with a cloth merchant’s wife and an assasin (footage not found) and Porthos has strange visions involving a melon.

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2014-02-09 08:26 am
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The Musketeers 1x03

Late, because I wanted to make a Porthos-icon first. (Ended up technically being a Howard Charles-icon. Let's call it Modern-AU.)

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2014-01-27 06:38 am
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The Musketeers 1x02 mostly shallow non-bulletpoint observations

The Musketeers: Still silly, still wastly entertaining. (I will mention stuff from the book series below. Warning for spoilers for novels that’s been out for 170 years or thereabouts.)
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2014-01-22 06:24 am
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The Musketeers 1x01

So, The Musketeers started. And I liked it. Sure, it had a rather thin plot and some (not all) of the dialog was kind of wooden and it’s clearly not the best adaptation of the book imaginable and I’m not sure how much I would have cared for it if I hadn’t been dead set on liking it, but it was mostly fun and will probably help me through the winter.

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