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Review of Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch" where reviewer Julie Myerson doesn't like the book (fair enough) because it is a "Harry Potter tribute novel" (WTF?).

I'm currently reading The Goldfinch (It's OK. It certainly has flaws, but I enjoy reading it.) and every parallel to HP that Myerson drags up falls under "oh, that is a somewhat similar situation, only playing out in a totally different way"*, which makes me think that Myerson familiarity with HP is something like "read the first book, seen bits and pieces of the movies".

OTOH, it did strike me how one could map Tartt's debut novel The Secret History (which Myerson liked) on the HP books. Lonely boy grows up with boring middle class Californian parents/muggles! He gets the opportunity to leave this behind and go to artsy New England college/magic boarding school! At the school there is lots of wacky faculty and students/lots of wacky faculty and students! Our hero makes (new) friends/(new friends and meets a charismatic but morally ambiguous professor/Dumbledore! Horrifying and wondrous things happen!/Horrifying and wondrous things happen!

The Secret History came out a couple of years before the first HP book, but I doubt Tartt will file a lawsuit against Rowling anytime soon. (Though it would be a magnificent train-wreck if she did.)

*Obviously, Tartt and Rowling DO have some influences in common, Charles Dickens being the most obvious.
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Did you know that if you read The Count of Monte Cristo AND Busman’s Honeymoon at the same time that you’re watching Doctor Who (the Tennant years) you can get at “some dude, and the woman he travels with, walks into a room and suddenly becomes the centre of everything”-overload?

And your brain starts going: “Oh noes, they’re not setting up Albert as the next companion, are they? Please bring back Miss Climpson instead!"
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S5 of Merlin starts tonight, and my Plan A is NOT to watch it, given that watching it requires me to jump through some hoops and I've realized I'm not in the mood for jumping through hoops for this show anymore/right now.

Plan A also includes spoiling myself silly and start watching again if the things I still care about (Queen Gwen, Merlin's relationship to Kilgarrah and other magical beings/persons, a spoilery thing)are handled decently, I'll probably start watching again at some point.

Meanwhile the cast is still very pretty. And adorable.
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Theory: Zadie Smith used to lurk at Harry Potter-boards during the Blaise Zabini-related kerfuffles after HBP.

"Proof": In her new novel, NW, there is secondary character who is a rich, handsome, British public school-educated Black(Trinidadidan)Italian.
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Spent the week-end re-reading Margaret Drabble's The Millstone. Back in the early nineties it made me (very, very briefly) want to have a baby. Now it just made me the impulse to fantasy-cast the thing (being in a sixties mood after a recent Mad Men-marathon. Anyway, I started the fantasy-casting with George, the too-skinny BBC-presenter, and went through Ben Winshaw and Matt Smith and Colin Morgan before I decided to check if it had been filmed at it turns out it had. In 1969. With Ian McKellen as George.
Sometimes real-life casting is even better than fantasy casting (at least on paper)?

Checking out the movie on IMDB (it's called A Touch of Love), I also discovered that it a)it has Margaret Tyzack in a small role and b) sadly enough, Ms Tyzack died about a year ago.

Did look for the dvd at Amazon (it exists), where I also (via the "since you've shown interest in similar items-function - don't ask) found out that this exist.
Now why don't I have any children, again?
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Have watched until episode 11 (the one with the genie)

no spoilers beyond that, though I've spoiled myself a bit )
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Trailer for the upcoming BBC drama Dancing on the edge

With Angel Coulby looking lovely in a bunch of period dresses. And SPOILERS for the show in questing. And other attractive people looking attractive.

But mostly Angel! And 30's dresses!
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Have half a dozen things that I've been meaning to write about, but since this is the quickest:

My rather brief wish-list for Merlin, series 5:

1. Gilli 2.0. Either bring back Gilli himself (because he was an interesting character, and Harry Melling is a good actor, and "Dudley Dursley, wizard" never gets old) or a new character, but a non-evil magic user who is at least a bit critical of Merlin's way of dealing with his destiny would be most welcome.

2. Give Gwen something to do as a queen. Let there be some part of the ruling of Camelot that she a) does regularly and b)does better than Arthur (and Uther) would. She doesn't have to be successful all the time, it doesn't have to be central to the plot all the time, but please let her being queen mean more than a wardrobe upgrade.

3. Find that damn bracelet. Yeah, I know it isn't important plot-wise (Arthur and Gwen are already reconciled, everyone knows Morgana is eeeevil, Gwen's reputation among the straw-people of upper and lower Camelot will only be an issue if the showrunners decide that it is and restoring Lancelot's posthumous reputation isn't much of a story, even if someone should remember that he existed) but do it for the sake of Gwen's peace of mind. Or at least mine.

4. Give Morgana a game plan that a)doesn't involve taking over Camelot and b)involves making alliances with other magic users.

5. Let Arthur make a couple of decisions that are based on actual knowledge of how things stand in the matter at hand. And let him carry out said decisions by himself a couple of times.
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1. Chrétien du Troyes/Marie de Champagne/Godefroy de Lagny Media fandom/Social Media Modern AU-RPF

2. Remus/Tonks-fic where they spend the last two years of their lives in a happy, functional relationship and Tonks' death isn't really, really stupid. And we shall call it movie-verse, and it shall be sort of canon-compatible.

3. The Hour/Downton Abbey-crossover where Lix Storm turns out to be descended from Mrs Hughes. (Granddaughter? Daughter? I can't work out the timelines.)

4. A Discword-story where a talented young witch meets Granny Weatherwax and finds her awesome. And then she meets Nanny Ogg and finds her awesome, too. Oh wait, Pratchett already wrote that. Thanks, Sir Terry!

5. Crack-fic where MI6 really is run by Kilgarrah, Sirius Black, Mr Darcy, Caesar and Dobby the Free Elf, with some assistance from Sherlock Holmes.
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This series, while technically well-made, has made it obvious to me that the stories the show-runners want to tell about those characters are not really the stories I want to see. That doesn't necessarily mean they always tell bad stories (and I'm not three years old and they are not a kindly relative trying to fit a story exactly to my liking) but...bullet points will be rather negative.

spoilers )
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Can be found here:

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