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I watched basically unspoiled, that was a good thing and I would recommend it.

The thing I didn't like: In between The Return of the Jedi and this movie, Leia and Han has a force-sensitive son whom Luke tried to train as a Jedi. Kid decided to go evil (cause it runs in the family) and ran off to work for a giant evil hologram named Snoke. (Yes, really). Han and Chewy went back to smuggling, Leia continued to lead the rebel alliance and what is this rebel leader's opinion on her evil, possibly mars-mundering son? She just wants him to come home. OK. Um. Hope things on that front get more complicated in the future (chances are good).
Also, it is strongly hinted that Rey, the Force-strong heroine, is Luke's daughter (dumped on random desert planet as a kid) and it really doesn't sit well with me if Leia has an evil kid and Luke has a good one without egen trying.

Apart from this: I ADORED it. It's so shamelessly full of Original Triology references and has such a loose plot that it would probably not work if it wasn't a Star Wars-movie, but it is, and it does.

This is much thanks to Rey and Finn (and Daisy Ridley and John Boyega), who are the two most adorable dorks who ever stole the Millennium Falcon. What I love most about them is that they are so inexperienced in many ways: they don't know how to shoot from a TIE-fighter, they're really bad at bluffing their way through the galaxy and they don't succed with a Jedi mind trick on the first try. (And the bit where Rey geeks out about meeting smuggler Han Solo and Finn geeks out about meeting rebel general Han Solo is awesome.

Oscar Isaac as Poe is dashing and serious and funny in equal measures and isn't actually in the movie that much, which works rather well.

It's a movie with more men than women in it, and more white people than poc. Still, things has moved a bit forward on those fronts since 1977. And while it may be a bit odd to cast Lupita Nyong'o as a sadly-not-the-same-species-as-ET alien, Maz Kanata is the kind of female character I want more of in any adventure story.

And oh, Han dies. And I usually roll my eyes when creators go "I give the audience what they need, not what they want" but if that was the purpose here, it worked for me. OF COURSE Han new that if he went out on a narrow bridge over a wast abyss to talk his stupid evil kid into re-joining the light side of the force, it would end with the kid ramming a light-sabre through him, we all knew that. And part of us still hoped it wouldn't happen, and then it did, and it was horrible but in a good way.

Shipping: could go anywhere, but I bet that Poe/BB-8/Rey will re-create the Han/Leia/Luke-triangle from the original triology. ;-)

Favorite cameo: Harriet Walter (or i SW-land, Niece of Dooku) as a rebel medic who flirts with Chewbacca.

R2-D2 tried to do a Padmé. Heh.

I don't think this quite will be my new main fandom (again), but I look forward to some fic, especially Finn, Rey or Chewie-centric. Or about the three of them, plus Han and BB-8, just randomly travelling round the galaxy together.
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