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It’s super-shipper week on the Musketeers!

Constance and d’Artagnan get to kiss and make up and Aramis and Porthos get to give each other “I’m happy you’re not dead” glances and Milady and Athos do some first-class bickering and Anne and Aramis have a nice crucifix- and baby-moment and Anne has a teary meltdown when it turns out Constance is alive (and then she greets her equally non-dead husband with relative calm). Athos/d´Artagnan-shippers got nothing, but they’ll always have Pinon.

A thing I thought of last week was that it took the show literally two minutes to introduce Catherine’s basic personality with flaws and strengths and her present and her past – and why couldn’t they have done the same thing with Marguerite in the first episode? This week I’m just pissed off because Marguerite’s relative lack of personality doesn’t excuse Aramis’ failure to treat her as a human being. She spent the day being locked up, watched and overheard the brutal murders of people she knew, believed that the man she loved was dead, knew that she could be killed next or that she would have to watch the queen and the dauphin being killed first. The least she deserved was a kind word and a hand squeeze, and he couldn’t even bother to look at her. Can you see him treating Constance or Agnes or Ninon or Emelie that way? This is creeping me out. At least I still have a faint hope that Anne just thinks that Marguerite has a crush on Aramis, because if she knows exactly what is going on and a) still thinks that Aramis is “brave and honorable and kind” and b) can’t see that this might put her son and herself in danger I really don’t know if I can make sense of her character anymore.

Speaking of making sense of Queen Anne, I wonder if she truly believes that the people love Louis or if she just stopped bothering to criticize him because she knows he won’t listen anyway?

I’m sorry that Louis dumped Milady – I was hoping he’d make her captain of the Musketeers. Oh well, now she and Athos can reconcile their differences and become free-lance international art-thieves. (Not likely, but a girl can dream.)

Rochefort is frequently overused and more than a bit one-note, but his facial expressions when the king and queen were talking at the end of the episode were gold.


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