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Icon (on dreamwidht) thankfully slightly less appropriate than it could have been. (But I got to use it some time.)

Hey show, could you please have a black male guest star who survives, cause this is getting ridiculous. (Yeah, I know that most white male guest stars die too, but one or two of them has gotten out of the show alive, at least.)

Slightly overcrowded episode (I found the Milady/Louis-bits entertaining but that time could have been used better) and the gunpowder/cipher was very much a McGuffin, but I mostly enjoyed it.

Samara was a poet! And brave and resourceful and outspoken and I really liked her and haven’t regretted a female guest-star being exiled at the end of the episode this much since Ninon. I did like her on-screen report with Porthos too, although I wish they had taken time to discuss something other than whether Porthos can be French or not. Also wish that we had actually learned something new about Porthos.

Constance was awesome (and if that kid actually is future Louis XIV, she should eventually get a nice pension and possibly a title as a thank you for keeping him alive). And d’Art has almost learned to give her appropriate compliments! And her hair looked better this week! And I’m finally getting a bit Constance/Anne-shippy. (Speaking of nothing in particular, is Marguerite still under arrest? Since she actually fell asleep and let the dauphin get away right under her nose and all.)

Marc Warren manages to make Rochefort menacing, creepy and a bit dorky at the same time, and if it wasn’t obvious before that he will be very, very angry when he discovers that the queen has had lover who isn’t him it certainly is now.

I like Aramis, and I like fictional babies and as a whole I’m not against this particular baby plot, but dammit can we have one week where Aramis doesn’t hoover over the baby in a really suspicious way? Have him back off for a couple of weeks and then make that plot come to him instead of the other way round. I am satisfied though that fandom’s overwrought predictions about how he would knowingly put Porthos in danger and then not bother to worry about Porthos was completely off base. (I mean, I would like the two of them to interact for more than three seconds at a time, but there is no sign that they do not longer care about each other.)

Even if I could have lived without them this episode, Milady and Louis were HOT together. (And now I want her to end up as a very glamourous nun.) I'm sad that there seem to be even less chance of more in-depth Anne&Louis-interaction this series, though.

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