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2x01 "Keep your friends close"

* Constance Bonacieux, my darling girl, you’re so brave and smart and right, and I wish you all the happiness in the world, with or without d’Artagnan.

* I’m not quite sure how or when d’Artagnan became so close to the queen that he could recommend her to hire his ex-landlady as a PA - I assume Treville was the missing link - (and part of me is still sad that Constance didn’t have a connection to the court independtly of d’Art from the beginning), but this opens up for some interesting storylines for both Constance and Anne (and hopefully we learn a bit more about what goes on in the latters head).

* OMG, Treville and General Guest-star and Porthos’ daddy were like the Three Musketeers before the Three Musketeers existed and like all BroT3’s they were probably a bit toxic and THE TRUTH WILL OUT! I’ve seen people worry that this plot will mean that Porthos’ mother’s back-story will turn out to be even more horrible than it already is (and that she still doesn’t have a name isn’t a great omen), but I love that Porthos is getting this kind of super-melodramatic plot which is what this show is all about and I can’t wait to see all the emoting Howard Charles will have to do.

* Dammit Aramis, could you be more unsubtle regarding the baby? I like Charlotte Salt so I’m tentatively looking forward to the Marguerite storyline, but I really wish she could have been used differently.

* Baby - not much happened there that we didn’t already know would happen, but his little royal wave to Aramis was cute. I’m pretty sure he will die before the end of the series - not out of respect for historical fact, but because that probably is the best choice from a storytelling point - Louis realizing that he might not be the father but choosing to keep quiet for the good of France might work, but it doesn’t seem to be a very Louis-like thing to do, Aramis realizing that he might not be the father and backing off would not actually solve anything. (I’m still torn about not being wild about Aramis fathering Louis XIV - whom I’m not particularly fond of - and not wanting to see character’s I care about grieving the death of a much longed for baby.)

* d’Artagnan is growing into his legendary future self! Which includes being clever, daring and having very, very awkward run-ins with ladies.

* Speaking of ladies, I liked Lucie de Foix. I still have no idea why she was held captive together with her brother, but she was smart and resourceful in an understated way and SHE DID NOT DIE. I really, really don’t want a love triangle and I think Constance was and d’Artagnan was wrong in their argument, but I can see why hanging with Lucie for a couple of days made him overestimate how adventurous it is possible for a woman to be.

* Speaking of days, doesn’t it take quite a while to get from the French-Spanish border to Paris by horse? Especially when one of your party is mortally wounded?

* Message from the inner canon purist: In book-canon, Athos speaks every major European language (and possibly some of the minor ones) because he’s awesome like that (and had filthy rich parents who hired good tutors for him), Aramis ends up being very fluent in Spanish for practical reasons and also speaks some English. (Both of them also speak Latin, though Athos grammar is better BECAUSE HE’S AWESOME LIKE THAT AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT). d’Artagnan and Porthos communicate with non-French speakers by uttering three words in whatever language they think the other person is speaking and waving their arms around a lot.
Makes perfect sense to let the actual Spanish-speaking person do all the Spanish-speaking on the show, though.

* Since he’s played by Marc Warren, this Rochefort might become my favorite Rochefort ever. Or not.

* Wow, Richelieu must have really, really hated Aramis if he spent his last months on earth plotting revenge. (To bad we didn’t see much of it last year.) Also, somewhere in Dead Loveinterest-heaven Adele bumps her fist in the air and exclaims “Yes! He really DID love me.” And Isabelle says “Thats nice but seriously - he was a sweet lad but not worth spening eternity moping over. Here, have some brandy.” (Now I want an AU where Adele manage to escape from Richelieu and ends up in a certain convent, where she learns the art of liquer-brewing from a certain nun.)

* I miss Milady. I get why she wasn’t in the episode, but stable and functional Athos freaks me out,

* About the credits: I love, love, love that they suddenly start with Burke-Cabrera-Charles, having them together like that feels so right. Also good: we finally see Hugo Speer’s face.

* And finally, let’s take a moment to think about Santiago Cabrera’s utterly beautiful face. I’ve missed seing new footage of it.

2x02 "An ordinary man"

Or ”d’Artagnan grows into his legendary self, part II”

Or “Porthos, I really do love you”. (This is written like three or four times in my notes. Let’s have a whole episode that is just about Porthos sighing and laughing and muttering things and not wasting good wine and hitting people and being awesome in general.)

Yeah I know this was supposed to be the big Louis episode and Ryan Gage showed a nice range but we really didn’t learn anything about Louis that we didn’t know before and while I feel sorry for him because of the losses he suffered etcetera, his inability to feel empathy with anyone who isn’t him or directly connected to him for more than five minutes is really grating.

He and Milady were lovely together, though. I think becoming a royal mistress is a great career move for her, and it will be fun watching Athos squirm.

There was a point where I was hissing at the screen “don’t kill Pepin, please don’t kill Pepin” and of course they kill Pepin thirty seconds later. Boo. I will give the show points for finally having some characters of color that clearly belong to a different social class than Charon and Porthos and for having the first ever WoC with lines making it out of the episode alive, but apart from that, ugh.

Still like Charlotte Salt, still annoyed that she’s stuck in such a thankless plot. Liked that the lullaby Aramis sang to the dauphin was the same that Agnes sang to Henri (there are so many awesome layers of irony here). And the dauphin has a name that we still don’t know what it is, and I don’t think it affects his chances of survival much (though I still think he’s more likely to die young than not, even if it probably wont happen in the next episode).

CSI 17:th century Paris is back! I missed it more than I thought.

Constance has a new dress and a new enemy and for now I worry more about the former (that collar was really, really bad). And if anyone thinks she doesn’t care about d’Artagnan…yeah, no.

When spoilers for this episode broke people were speculating that Anne would get a kick of the power that suddenly laid within her grasp, which sounded ridiculous and of course didn’t happen. Hah. Still want some proper Anne/Louis scenes though. And some stronger hint about how she feels about Aramis these days. But mostly more Anne/Louis.

Am I the only one shipping Rochefort/Spanish ambassador a little bit?
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