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In which the love triangle from episode one is re-enacted with Balinor’s evil twin as Richelieu, Richelieu as Adele and Axel Oxenstierna as Aramis.

(Yeah, I know Oxenstierna was neither seen nor mentioned, and possibly messing with some other bit of the 30-year war at the time, but he fits better into pseudo-historical RPS about middle-aged guys with nice graying beards than the entire freaking country of Sweden.)

To-stupid-to-live girl from the opening scene apart, I think we can officially declare this show decent-ish when it comes to white women. Still no improvement when it comes to people of color not in the opening credits, though.

So show, you decide to introduce a beautiful aristocratic blonde who hits off well with both Athos and Aramis, is friends with the queen and an enemy of Richelieu and she’s NOT Marie Michon? (Inner canon purist joins Athos in the wine cellar in Amiens.) Still, I liked Ninon and I’m sorry it looks like we’ve seen the last of her, even if the cardinal’s possible early retirement might make it easier for her to return from the non-dead.

One thing I would have liked is for Ninon to be called on her class privilege by someone who didn’t have the exact same privilege himself (with added male privilege). I want to read in shades of that in her last conversation with Milady, because even if the latter is a selfish, ruthless murderer in the shows present, I still think it’s possible that her original crime (i.e. the one that Thomas tried to frame her for) was mostly about being a smart, ambitious young girl who was pushed into a life she didn’t chose.

(I would also like Athos to have the “but does poor people really need an education?”-conversation with, say, Porthos.)

Ryan Gage continues to steal every scene he’s in (Louis is going to slowly wither away from broken heart when Richelieu disappears, right?), but this week Alexandra Dowling got at couple of good scenes, from Anne’s heavy eyerolling when her husband was drooling over Ninon to her striding into the courtroom like well, a queen, (not to mention her quick change of facial expression once she noticed that Ninon was wearing Aramis’ crucifix to actually having a scene with Aramis again.

And while inner canon purist can’t stop laughing at the idea of Aramis telling pretty lady 1 that he only regifted her token of affection to pretty lady 2 because pretty lady 2 was in great distress and he’s such a compassionate person and this is 100% true, I did really like that Ninon and Aramis managed to form a connection that had basically nothing to do with love or sex.

Still not able to be rational about Constance/d’Artagnan. My darlings, what will become of you?
Next time (tonight): according to the promo, there’s a lot of fighting and d’Artagnan is back at being Athos’ favorite Marty Stu, something that will not end well. Me, I’m looking more forward to seeing Porthos romancing Zoe Tapper-lady.


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