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OK, so now we’ve had as many episodes with female guest characters staying alive as we’ve had with them getting killed off. Well done, show! Your next challenge: have a female character of color with lines (and don’t kill her off, either). And get Milady back, too.

So, um. This was an episode that I both liked quite a lot and disliked intensively. To start with the dislike (and there will be bookverse-spoilers here, though I try to keep them vague); the last novel about the musketeers [Le Vicomte de Bragelonne/The Man in the Iron Mask] has a plotline about Aramis and a concealed member of the Bourbon dynasty. His motivations are…rather different than in this episode, and the results are disasterous for basically everyone. I find it painful and disturbing reading, but it’s the kind of painful scenario I want to have gently nudged away or lightened up by a grace note, not completely glossed over (which is what most movie adaptations do). I’ve been OK with this plot not happening in the show’s universe, both because it is extremely unlikely that it will cover any other time period than the 1630’s, and because of the changes in Aramis’ characterization, but having it cancelled out in the way it was by this episode feels cheap. Show, I’m still fond of you, but I will do my damned best never to lose any sleep over you again.

It’s a shame really, cause this episode was fun. I loved Marie de Medici’s unhinged hair- and wardrobe choices and her completely messed up relationship with Louis and her verbal sparring with Richelieu.

I was almost sure little Henri hadn’t drowned, but not really, so it was a reasonably suspenseful, too.

And Constance going undercover! Constance swashbuckling! Constance and d’Artagnans simply being delightful together (and yes, she might love how exiting her life has become since he turned up, but that doesn’t mean she’ll let him get away with any stupid shit he might say or do).

Good ensemble use (I really how Athos and Porthos co-operate.)
As a “fleshing-out-Aramis”-episode it worked much, much better than “The Good Soldier”, though Agnes line at the end about almost asking him to go with her fell flat for me – I’ll buy that they formed a connection, I didn’t get the feeling that she actually was interested in him quite to that degree. (And I’m guessing that him wanting to get married when he was sixteen means he wasn’t trying to become a priest, although I guess he could have dropped out of the seminary for the sake of unnamed girl. Or that he made an ill-fated attempt to take orders as a way to mend his broken heart.)

Still not enough Anne. And it would have been nice to have someone (cough Aramis cough) acknowledge what effect Marie’s plot would have on her.

Next episode: A beautiful blonde tries to infect Athos with girl cooties. If she had another name and this show didn’t seem so determined to sewer its ties with book-canon, I’d guess it was the HIMYM-episode. Ah well, at least it seems we’ll have some unhinged priests.
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