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In which the Queen of France goes on a spa weekend with a cloth merchant’s wife and an assasin (footage not found) and Porthos has strange visions involving a melon.

Yeah, none of the regular ladies was anywhere to be seen this week. Boo.

This episode did prove, though, that you can survive this show as a white female guest star even if you’re not protected by Actual History. Go, Flea! And go, old lady in tavern!

On the flip side, if you’re a MoC guest star, as of this episode you have 0% chance of getting out of this show alive. (If you’re a WoC, you’re either Porthos’ mum and already dead, or a silent extra.)

Otherwise, I liked this episode much more that I expected to do, given that it is the second time in five episodes a main character gets framed for a murder he didn’t commit and the others try to get his named cleaned.

The Court of miracles bits were good but not great, I liked Porthos behaving ever-so-slightly different in this environment, I liked Flea, I liked that Charon wasn’t eeeeevil, just tired and desperate and selfish. (Ashley Walters did a good job with not much support from the script.) I could have lived without Porthos – Flea – Charon being a love triangle – it would have been more interesting if the script had concentrated on their different feelings about their lives and their (former) home, and if they had been portrayed more as Porthos’ original group of “inseparables”. (And please fandom, write at least as much Porthos/Flea AND at least as much Porthos/Charon as there is Aramis/Marsac. Threesomes would also be cool.)

The CSI – 17th century Paris- bits were mostly fun (I loved d’Artagnan’s key-pilfering) and I didn’t guess the outcome of the plot until quite late – I was probably distracted by de Mauvoisin’s lace collar. And I liked that the Catholic vs. Hugenot-thing is mentioned (don’t know how historically accurate or inaccurate this particular plot was, though) and the hugenot priest.

•Poor people make Athos uncomfortable. Also, Burke!Athos is not as good as a ninja spy as Macfadyen!Athos, which is a shame in a way, cause that’s the only way I can see Athos/Milady being endgame.
•Porthos is named du Vallon! (Inner canon purist can die sort of happy.)
•Can we get some background on Aramis/the Catholic Church soon? Because there is obviously something there.
•I love how Aramis is always kind of teasing Porthos when they interact face to face, but DAMN ANYONE ELSE WHO TRIES TO SAY OR DO ANYTHING AGAINST HIM. Non-toxic Ariamis/Porthos. It is such a gift that inner canon purist shuts up.
•I continue to love all the Louis XIII – Richelieu interaction, but I still want Anne thrown into that mix, dammit.

Next time: Aramis gets attacked by Ethel the disgraced housemaid, Marie de Medici has a terrible hair-day and tries to get Richelieu back on her team.
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