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The Musketeers: Still silly, still wastly entertaining. (I will mention stuff from the book series below. Warning for spoilers for novels that’s been out for 170 years or thereabouts.)

Dead female guest stars: One out one. :-( I thought for a long time that there would be no point in killing her off, but I guess Milady needed some new bling. It’s not like she doesn’t deserve it (That first scene with Richelieu? AWESOME), but it’s not much point having a piece of the queens jewelry that everyone knows was stolen, right?

Nevermind, Anne can still go around handing out tokens of her affection to dudes she’s not married to! And Aramis can still get religious-themed jewelry from married women. (Somewhere in heavily-fictionalized-versions-of-real-people limbo, Madame de Chevreuse grabs a quill to write down some tips for her best gal pal on how to get the most out of a certain handsome musketeer, and Madame de Longueville throws a hissyfit.)

Does Aramis still have a Church background? It would feel so weird if he doesn’t.

And oh, Anne/Aramis was very cute and all, and I realize that this show is a crack!AU that will spontaneously combust before we get out of the 1630’s, but given his…meddling in her and her children’s lives later it also feels faintly disturbing.

I love Porthos doomed attempts to make Aramis behave. I love Porthos, period, he’s a sweetie as he should be. Please give him his own plot/subplot before we’re halfway through the series?

Love Athos reasonably subtle crush on d’Artagnan and cackles evilly at the thought of the meltdown he will have when he realizes that Dart is sleeping with his not-quite-dead wife. [OT3 of doom.]

I really, really like Constance and Tamla Kari and Luke Pasqualino has a nice report and all, but can we stop “d’Artagnan kisses Constance without asking her first to get out of troble” now?

Constance slapping Aramis, OTOH, needs NEVER TO STOP.

Capaldi looked lovely in all that red velvet, and he does a very good job and is totally different from how he was in The Hour and I’d say he’ll make a lovely Doctor if I cared more about Doctor Who than I do.

The plot: are we starting the French Revolution a century and a half (and then some)early? Nope, and we we’re never really interested in it. A bit meh.

Still, I’m glad they took the opportunity to mention Henri IV. Just because.

Still speaking of the royals: What I want to see now is how Anne and Louis interact with each
other in private. [Anti-OTP]

Has Milady been (not really) married to that English dude in this universe, or does she just call herself that because it says so in the script?

Next time: Dude from one of my least favorite Merlin-episode guest stars, Athos must confront the manpain of his past, Milady/Constance is a possible new ship.


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