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So, The Musketeers started. And I liked it. Sure, it had a rather thin plot and some (not all) of the dialog was kind of wooden and it’s clearly not the best adaptation of the book imaginable and I’m not sure how much I would have cared for it if I hadn’t been dead set on liking it, but it was mostly fun and will probably help me through the winter.

The no-fun part, though: Show, don’t tell me I’ll have to start keep a tally on female guest stars that doesn’t make it out of the show alive. (Yes I know that a. it was the first episode and b. the male guest stars didn’t fare any better, but the whole Adele-business left a very bad taste in my mouth.)

But the stuff I liked, more or less in order of appearnce:
* Athos morning routine

* Porthos, period. (Except perhaps for the jacket, but he’s supposed to have an outlandish fashion-sense, so…)

* Aramis totally not being Lancelot 2.0. I was so afraid this would happen, but nope, he's his own character (and possibly a distant cousin of Twenty years after-Aramis, at least.). (I still want the badfic where Aramis falls through a portal into Camelot and spends a week tied to Gwen’s bed, though. And the fic where Lancelot falls through a portal into 17th century Paris and starts randomly saying stuff like “Adele, we are not meant to be, the cardinal is a better man than I” and whacking people over the head with his musket because he doesn’t know how to use it.)

* Constance being involved in stuff (and I found her likable in general).

* Captain Treville actually getting screentime

* Whiny kid Louis XIII and his evil non-daddy the cardinal.

* Cheesy soft-focus flashbacks of Milady’s and Athos’ past. (They have such a really, really awful relationship and I don’t know how it can be handled in a non-horrible way, but the cheese! And the soft-focus! He keeps a dried flower in a locket to remember her by!)

* Milady’s totally understandable rage-management issues.

Jury’s still out on d’Artagnan and his new angsty back-story, though Luke Pasqualino did a decent job.

Wishes for the future: More Queen Anne. And Constance and Aramis becoming snarky bickering BFFs.

Random observation: Apparently, it’s set in 1630. Is that how they are going to explain the lack of Buckingham? (If there will indeed be a continued lack of Buckingham.)


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