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Have watched until episode 11 (the one with the genie)

• Female protagonist!
• Female antagonist!
• AND bonus Ginnifer Godwin, occasionally as a rather kick-ass Snow White.
• So, good use of white female characters, so far not very good use of female or male characters of color.
• I like Henry (I don’t know if this is a borderline unpopular opinion or not?) For personal reasons I would have preferred if he was Henrietta, but I don’t think the character or actor adds to the annoyingness-factor of the show.
• I’m not all that fond of the Disney-visuals in fairyland (and what is Jiminy Cricket et al doing here, anyway?).
• And I’m not sure if the story can be dragged out for more than one or two seasons.
• For the first couple of episodes, Prince Charming bored me to death, but he’s been growing on me.
• And I’m as smitten with Little Red Riding Hood as everyone else.
• And very grateful to the showrunners for killing off Sheriff Graham before I got attached to him and his big, sad puppy-dog eyes.
• Given that Snow’s father was dead long before the curse hit, there’s no chance that Mary Margaret’s dad is a bitter, snarky ex-speechwriter, right?

Date: 2012-04-03 08:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] copracat
Your icon! One of my favourite scenes.

It's full of Disney versions of fairytales because it's co-produced by Disney-owned ABC Studios.


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